Three Reason Why You Shouldn’t Get a Tribal

For some damn reason tribal tattoos continue to be popular. I don’t know if it’s because they look cool (which they don’t) or if it’s just easier to tattoo but regardless I’m here to help you if you happen to have one or are thinking of getting one. Here are the top three reasons why you shouldn’t get a tribal.

Number 1) Not all tribal tattoos are created equal.

This is tribal


Not is tribal.


See the difference? Good.

Number 2) Know the meaning.

As stated in an earlier post tribal tattoos were the earliest forms of tattooing in the ancient world. Their design consisted of small interconnected lines that wrapped around the persons arm, legs, and torso.

When the finished product was complete it would look like rope or a piece leather armor that metaphorically would protect them with each line representing a person, or an event in a person’s life.

Modern “tribal” tattoos don’t have any meaning! They’re mostly seen as a first tattoo for many people. If you like big, bold squiggly lines all over your body go right a head but people will judge you. I know I will.

Number 3) They’re just plain ugly!




Need I say more?  If you have one please do yourself a service and remove it immediately, I beg of you, and if you insist on keeping it just know that you’re probably not going to get a girlfriend. Better yet when you do get matching tattoos, I’m sure they’ll be some deep meaning behind your squiggly lines.



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